Photography on Display – Living Social – 918 F Street – Washington, DC

31 05 2012

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I was recently approached by staff of Living Social to display some of my photography at their new facility on 918 F Street in Washington, DC.  The building is a recently rennovated historic building that will be used by the company as an event space for a variety of purposes and as a home to some of their offices. I’ll get more into the building and its uses in a moment.

The Living Social staff was looking for artwork that displayed Washington, DC and was created by local artists to help make the new facility reflective of its surroundings. After talking with their staff, we decided on three photographs from my Washington, DC Gallery.

When I dropped off my artwork, I had the opportunity to tour the building. Living Social describes the facility as “a downtown space dedicated to hosting unique local experiences and bringing the best of DC to life.” They do this by creating various rooms in the building that will serve a variety of purposes. There is space for pop-up restaurants, cooking classes with popular chefs, art classes, and 2-level bar/club space that can host musicians or other performers. The building also has a large reception area to greet guests that have come to events at 918 F. A multi-purpose room provides additional space in the building to meet almost any need. All of the spaces are outfitted with the newest of modern technologies.

While I have not yet been able to attend an event here, it seems that there are a lot of great options. Interested participants can sign up for experiences at 918 F by buying tickets much like you would for any other deal that Living Social offers. A listing of events is available online.

The photographs I have on display are prints of the images below:

Printed 16″x24″ with 3″ white matting in black frame.

Printed 16″x32″ with 3″ white matting in black frame.

Printed 16″x24″ with 3″ white matting in black frame.

Below are two photos that show my artwork, which will be on display at Living Social – 918 F Street until the end of August:

Two of my photographs on display at 918 F Street.

My 3rd photograph on display at 918 F Street.

An article in the Washington Business Journal from February 2012 provides a more formal overivew of 918 F Street. also posted an article about the building.

Gallery Additions – National Cathedral

8 12 2010

I took advantage of a day off today and spent a little bit of time exploring the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The photos were added to my gallery that has photos of the National Cathedral and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (also in Washington, DC). The new photos make up the majority of “page 2” in the gallery. My photos from today focused on the stained glass windows in the cathedral and a few HDR shots of the building. A few examples are available below. Clicking on them will take you to the full gallery.

An HDR image of St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel in the National Cathedral.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln with a quote.

An HDR view of the interior of the National Cathedral.

An abstract view of a stained glass window.


Opposing Views

6 12 2010

The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC has been one of my favorite places to photograph. The memorial is large and it has unique architecture incorporating fountains and pools. It is a great place to people watch or to just enjoy being in the heart of Washington.

During a visit to the memorial in April, I capture a photograph that grows on me more each time I look at it. The shot focuses on opposites. There is a young child and an older veteran. Excitement of a fountain versus quiet reflection for those the fountain was built for. The two people are on opposite sides of the water, much like they are on opposite ends of life.While the image deals a lot with opposites it also reminds me of the wide range of ages, people, and emotions that can often be seen at this memorial.

You may view other images from America’s capital in my Washington, DC gallery.

  • Opposing Views - WWII MemorialTwo of America’s finest reflecting on their emotions at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

  • Walking in a Winter DC-land (DC Snow Storms).

    14 02 2010

    During the past week, Washington, DC has been an interesting place. There has been little talk about politics or any other news for that matter. The topic of the week was snow. Back to back blizzards buried the Washington, DC area leaving it crippled. Most people got extended winter “vacations” as a result of being snowed in and impassable roads. Folks lucky enough to return to work on Friday were greeted with snarled traffic.

    The storms received a variety of names. Names such as Snomagaddon, Snowpacalypse, Snoverkill, and Snowtorious B.I.G. were among those commonly used by news outlets. It became trendy to use the word snow in any way possible. I will do my best to avoid doing the same in this post.

    Yesterday afternoon I made an intentional effort to get out of the house for a few hours. I decided to see where I could get to in Washington, DC. I ended up at the U.S. Capitol Building and was surprised to find the area relatively busy with both tourists and locals enjoying the cold windy day. OK, maybe it was only the locals enjoying the weather. I was able to capture some unique photographs as it is not too often that the DC area receives 2-3 feet of snow.

    While at the Capitol,  I overheard two people talking about some kids sledding on the hills in front  of the Capitol. Apparently this is a practice not normally permitted by the U.S. Capitol Police. But this week was different. Senator Dodd (Conn.) was able to “convince” the Capitol Police to relax this rule to allow local children that have been snowed in for the week to get out and enjoy the weather. According to a new article, sledding will only be permitted this weekend. Some kids took advantage of a unique DC sledding experience! Political parties aside, I was relieved that someone was using the Capitol Building for something useful.

    While walking around the Capitol Grounds, I also made a “new” discovery. There’s a small brick “building” on the northwest side of the grounds. I had always thought that this building was a defunct public restroom facility. In fact, it is known as the Summer House.  This open-air brick building is a resting place and shelter to visitors.  To go back to my first statement in this paragraph…this was a new discovery to me. The rest of the world already  knew what this building is. From the Summer House, I was able to capture this shot, which is also my first attempt at an HDR image.

    It was a nice afternoon to get out and enjoy DC. Many others were doing the same. You may visit my Washington, DC gallery and see other shots from this weekend by clicking on any of the images in this post.

    Best of 2009 – Part 1

    10 01 2010

    Here are a few of my best photographs from 2009. It was a relatively slow photography year, but I think I got some good shots. More to come…

    Sandy Point State Park Dock at Sunset

    The National Mall in Washington, DC during an October sunset.

    An abstract look at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

    The Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum in the afternoon sun.

    12 Significant Photos: #4 – Dawn at the Capitol

    21 10 2009

    The day after Christmas in Washington, DC was both cold and quiet. I took my wife to work early in the morning so that we could get on the road out of town after her shift. Her shift started before sunrise, so I was able to get to the Capitol before it was light.

    There were not many people around. Just a men’s group out for a morning walk. I decided that I would take some shots of the Capitol from front (west front, sun behind) and center.

    The reflecting pool in front was partially frozen, creating a unique reflection that ranged from mirrored to blurred. The sun rose behind the Capitol Building and lit up the sky and the reflection. The resulting shot is one of my favorites that might be out of place as #4 in my list.

    The U.S. Capitol, located in Washington, DC, at sunrise in December 2008.

    The U.S. Capitol, located in Washington, DC, at sunrise in December 2008.

    Lesser Known Places – A.N.C.

    19 10 2009

    The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery is one of the lesser known “landmarks” in the Washington, DC area. Its unique architecture and white stone make it an interesting photography subject.

    Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA)

    Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA)

    Feel free to view other photos from Arlington National Cemetery.