At Least Syracuse Beat Seton Hall

2 01 2010

Syracuse got smoked today by Pitt. That’s all I’m saying about that.

I had a chance to catch the Syracuse v. Seton Hall basketball game earlier this week. The undefeated (13–0) Orange outlasted a fierce effort from Seton Hall. I was able to capture this photo from the game, the one good shot that my slow long lens was able to capture.

The shot made a great desktop background. If there are any ‘Cuse fans out there, shoot me an email at if you want a copy.


Curt Schilling had a bloody sock…

5 02 2009

…but this post has nothing to do with it.

Living in the DC/Baltimore area provides the opportunity to see many good teams come to town and enjoy some nice stadiums. As a lifelong Yankees fan, it pains me that one of my favorite baseball photographs is one that I created from the rival Red Sox.

I was at Camden Yards in early 2007 and had the opportunity to click some zoomed shots of Curt Schilling. On a few pitches, I held the shutter release and allowed the camera to take multiple images. In my only real venture into digital editing, I was able to create this shot. Collecting baseball cards when I was younger inspired me to try this shot; thanks Upper Deck!

A compiled image of Curt Schilling pitching at Camden Yards

A compiled image of Curt Schilling pitching at Camden Yards