12 Significant Photos: #10

19 02 2009

My interest in macro photography comes and goes. Objects such as staplers, calculators, candy, or jewelry do not appeal to me as a subject for photography. That being said, I find it interesting to look at things in nature from a macro perspective. There are a wide range of patterns.

If you’ve already looked at the photo in this post, you’ll probably wondering where I’m headed with my thoughts. One night I was planning on where I would be going to take some photos. I decided to play around with my macro lens and pulled out a baseball that was on the shelf. I turned on the desk lamp and took a few quick shots. This led me to quickly realize that I liked the effect of my lamp on the baseball. It created a nostalgic looking image of the baseball. I was able to find a composition that I preferred and end up with a photograph that I really enjoy.

It really is just a baseball lit with a desk lamp.

It really is just a baseball lit with a desk lamp.

My only other “real” adventure into macro is shooting flowers.