Gallery Additions – National Cathedral

8 12 2010

I took advantage of a day off today and spent a little bit of time exploring the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The photos were added to my gallery that has photos of the National Cathedral and the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (also in Washington, DC). The new photos make up the majority of “page 2” in the gallery. My photos from today focused on the stained glass windows in the cathedral and a few HDR shots of the building. A few examples are available below. Clicking on them will take you to the full gallery.

An HDR image of St. Joseph of Arimathea Chapel in the National Cathedral.

A statue of Abraham Lincoln with a quote.

An HDR view of the interior of the National Cathedral.

An abstract view of a stained glass window.



Lost in Time

23 02 2010

It is rare that in 2010 that someone is able to capture an”urban” environment in a state that  could have come out of any of the past 50 years. I was able to find this scene earlier this month. Annapolis was still digging out from the 2nd of back to back blizzards.  This scene was captured along Fleet and Cornhill Streets among some historic homes. While the streets were plowed once, they were still covered in deep snow that made driving fairly difficult for the 1 car I saw drive down the road. Outside of a couple of cars buried in the snow, it’s difficult to place a time stamp on this shot.

Feel free to view additional photos from Annapolis, MD by clicking on the image.

New Gallery – Annapolis, MD

12 01 2010

I have lived in the Washington, DC area for more than five years. Last weekend, I began to finally photograph Annapolis. I walked around the historic sections of the city on a cold windy day that provided some good sky conditions for some of my photographs. The resulting photos make up the beginning of a gallery that I hope to expand over the coming months. Feel free to check out my Annapolis, MD gallery by clicking any of the photos below.

The historic Annapolis skyline taken from City Dock.

I found a cold windy winter day to be a good day to try to photograph the city. There were very few people  around. It was nice not having to trip over others to find a spot to take a photo. As I expand the gallery, I hope to take some more shots around sunrise (ha) or sunset. And hopefully some at night as well.

The Maryland State House in Annapolis, MD.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church located in the historic circle of Annapolis.

While I was walking around Annapolis, I also took some time to visit the campus of the United States Naval Academy. While photos from the Academy can be seen in the gallery (by clicking any of the images above), I also posted some of my favorites in a previous post.

Announcement – New Website

31 12 2009

During the past few weeks, I have worked on creating a new home for my photography on the web. The site is now presentable, though maybe not finished.

I invite you to visit my photography galleries by clicking the image above. My work focuses on landscapes, nature, and cityscapes. I strive to create photographs with strong color/contrast and a unique perspective.

George Washington may have…

20 04 2009

…chopped down the cherry tree, but Japan sent some replacements. Spring has alledgedly come to Washington, DC. During a season full of rainy 50 degree days, I managed to find a clear and sunny morning to take in the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom.

The Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms.

The Jefferson Memorial framed by cherry blossoms.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a busy and exciting time in Washington, though it is one that I have avoided for the first 4 springs that I have lived in this area. While the blossoms certainly didn’t disappoint, the crowds around the Tidal Basin and the Washington Monument did make taking photographs a challenge. It was an exercise of waiting for people to pass and ducking under the camera range of others.

Early morning sun lights up the east side of the Washington Monument.

Early morning sun lights up the east side of the Washington Monument.

The bright early morning light, blue sky, and pink blossoms combined for some strong photographs. While walking through downtown, I found that I enjoyed the Washington Monument better with the cherry blossoms. This might have been because it was easier to maneuver, but I’m going to say it was the dramatic angle of the light.

Washington, DC provides many opportunites to enjoy the monuments to some our nation’s founders. But some of the best perspectives come from exploring off of the beaten path. One of my favorite shots from my morning with the cherry blossoms came from an approach to the Washington Monument from the southwest. From this direction, I approached the monument from a grove of cherry trees and I found a nice window for the shot.
Washington, DC is a great city to explore and while the Cherry Blossom Festival is not one of my favorite events in DC, the beauty of the blossoms is unrivaled. For additional photos of Washington, DC, please feel free to visit my DC Gallery.

A Blog Begins

25 01 2009

Ansel Adams said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” I will use that quote and other words from those more famous than myself as the basis for my blogging about photography. You are probably wondering who I am, so I should start there.

Me llamo Brad.  I am a photographer living in Bowie, MD. I have been interested in photography for about 6 years. My work focuses on trying to find unique perspectives on landscape, nature, cityscape, and architecture. Sometimes this comes with vivid color and others with the “simplicity” of black and white.

My blog will focus on a few areas of interest. First, posts will talk about my work. These posts may focus on a single image or a recent project; depends on the thought of the day. Other posts will focus on my thoughts about the work of other photographers. And finally, I will post some general thoughts about photography and my approach.

I would like to invite you to view my work. Please click on the image below to visit my website. I would be happy to hear from you via this blog or the website itself.

Brad Troy Photography

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your continued interest.