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I am a photographer living in Bowie, MD. I have been interested in photography for about 9 years. My photography focuses on trying to find unique perspectives on landscape, nature, cityscape, and architecture. Sometimes this comes with vivid color and others with the “simplicity” of black and white. Trying to find creative ways to view the objects we look at every day is the challenge I have chosen to pursue; I find sometimes I succeed and other times I try again.

On a personal note, I grew up in Pennsylvania where I was educated through college. I moved to New York for two years while in graduate school and have been living in the DC Metro area for the past 7+ years.

Please feel free to contact me or look at my work:

E-mail: bradtroyphotography@gmail.com

Phone: Available upon request

Blog: https://bradtroyphotography.wordpress.com

Website: http://www.bradtroyphotography.com


10 responses

16 02 2009

Hey Brad,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Yours is looking great as well 🙂
Keep in touch please 🙂
Kind regards,

3 06 2009

Hey, just thought I’d stop by. I think your work is amazing!

-Mallory Young

19 10 2009

Hey, Sir! thanks for the visit. I bookmarked your site. Gracias!

2 01 2010
Naret Visesvongsa

Brad, .
Congratulation for your new website which contain many beautiful pictures

26 02 2010

Thanks for visiting my blog. I too need to spend more photo time at Union Station. A good spot for pictures. You have some very nice photos on your site. I am originally from Colorado and enjoyed the sequence of Rocky Mountain National Park.

27 06 2010

Thanks! Nice stuff!

5 12 2010

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice pics 🙂

6 12 2010
Melissa Becker

Nice photos, Brad! Cheers!

6 12 2010

Nice little spot on the web, enjoyed your work and thanks for stopping by my place!

15 03 2012
Jane Haslam

Hi Brad, thank you for stopping by my blog and thanks for the kind words. Your photos are beautiful … keep in touch

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