Now it’s Melford

15 03 2012

I’ve lived in Bowie, MD for approximately 5 years. Just a 2 minute drive from my house is a business development that was called the Maryland Science and Technology Center. The development includes a variety of buildings that all appear only partially filled. The only business I encountered that was based here was Terminex. The appearance of empty buildings all around never peeked my interest enough to go see what was there.

The complex recently changed it’s name to Melford. This name change was surprising since I was under the impression that nothing really happened in this business development anyway. It led me to see if I could find why the name changed. While I didn’t find the answer to that question, I did learn that the property was formerly a plantation named Melford. I guess it was a change to become more historic. I also learned that the plantation house was still intact, which led me to go take a look.

The Melford plantation house is in nice condition from the exterior. A few smaller structures are also on the property. The house sits in a wooded area atop a hill in the middle of the business park. It can’t be seen until you actually drive into the park to find it. There isn’t enough here to make a long journey to see it, but it seems to be a hidden treasure and I’d recommend visiting it if you live locally.

Melford Plantation House

Old Plantation House in Maryland.

Melford Plantation - Slave House Door

The door to the small house (hut) believed to be used by slaves.

Melford Plantation House

Melford house from another angle.


National Cherry Blossom Festival…[updated]

12 03 2012

…these words strike fear into the locals. Long lines on the Metro. Restaurants that are packed. People shoulder to shoulder around the tidal basin. With that being said, the festival is a big event that is loved by many.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is a celebration of the relationship between Japan and the United States (you know, the good parts of it) that started with hundreds of cherry trees being sent from Tokyo to Washington, D.C. in the early 1900s. It attracts visitors from all around the world that take over the District of Columbia for a few weeks each spring.

The blossoms are a sight to see. Early morning (sunrise) is a great time to see the blossoms. The weather is cool, downtown isn’t year crowded, and the light is beautiful. I’d recommend it to anyone willing to crawl out of bed while it’s still dark to get down to the Tidal Basin. The cherry blossoms are expected to be at peak bloom from March 20-23 March 24-28, 2012; early this year due to the mild “winter”.

Below are a few photos of the Tidal Basin that I’ve taken during previous visits to see the cherry blossoms. You may also view other photos from Washington, D.C .by visiting my Washington, D.C. gallery.

Washington Monument at Sunrise - Cherry Blossoms

Sunrise at the Tidal Basin

Sunrise at the Washington Monument

Abstract sunrise

Sunrise at the Jefferson Memorial - Cherry Blossoms

Sunrise at the Jefferson Memorial

Cherry Blossoms and the Washington Monument

Early morning light with the Washington Monument

Maryland State House – Annapolis in 2012

11 03 2012

Most people that visit Annapolis, MD recognize the State House and the iconic wooden dome as the most identifiable landmark in the city. It’s the oldest state capitol that has been in continuous use. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been able to spend some time in Annapolis and captured a few shots that include this icon. You can see other recent additions from Annapolis by clicking on any of the images.

Maryland State House at Night

Maryland State House from State Circle

Annapolis Sunset

Annapolis Sunset across the water.

Maryland State House and Rooftoops

State House Dome with historic rooftops.