Tree Burst

7 12 2010

In a previous post, I provided a photography tip. I suggested the importance of looking up and seeing what’s above your head. While visiting Muir Woods outside of San Francisco, I found a great opportunity to take my own advice. I used a wide-angle lens and created the HDR image seen below. The long lines formed by the tree trunks, the bright light of the sky, and the distant branches work together to create a fairly abstract image.

Muir Woods - Looking Up - Electric

A photo looking toward the sky at Muir Woods near San Francisco, CA.

For more photos from Muir Woods, please visit my Sights of San Francisco gallery.




6 responses

7 12 2010

This is a great shot! Love the tip!

7 12 2010

Very nice perspective

7 12 2010

Thanks for the tip. Quite a shot!

8 12 2010

I love immersing myself in nature doing things exactly like this! Isn’t it amazing to look up through all those beautiful beings? Great shot!

13 12 2010

I love this shot! What mm lens did you use?

13 12 2010

This was shot on a 10-20mm lens. Thanks for the comment Jill.

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