New Gallery – Annapolis, MD

12 01 2010

I have lived in the Washington, DC area for more than five years. Last weekend, I began to finally photograph Annapolis. I walked around the historic sections of the city on a cold windy day that provided some good sky conditions for some of my photographs. The resulting photos make up the beginning of a gallery that I hope to expand over the coming months. Feel free to check out my Annapolis, MD gallery by clicking any of the photos below.

The historic Annapolis skyline taken from City Dock.

I found a cold windy winter day to be a good day to try to photograph the city. There were very few people  around. It was nice not having to trip over others to find a spot to take a photo. As I expand the gallery, I hope to take some more shots around sunrise (ha) or sunset. And hopefully some at night as well.

The Maryland State House in Annapolis, MD.

St. Paul's Episcopal Church located in the historic circle of Annapolis.

While I was walking around Annapolis, I also took some time to visit the campus of the United States Naval Academy. While photos from the Academy can be seen in the gallery (by clicking any of the images above), I also posted some of my favorites in a previous post.


Best of 2009 – Part 2

11 01 2010
Part 2 of 3 of my best shots in 2009…

The Seattle skyline taken from a ferry.

A tugboat on Puget Sound in Seattle with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

An abstract shot taken at home.

A sentinel guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.


Best of 2009 – Part 1

10 01 2010

Here are a few of my best photographs from 2009. It was a relatively slow photography year, but I think I got some good shots. More to come…

Sandy Point State Park Dock at Sunset

The National Mall in Washington, DC during an October sunset.

An abstract look at the Washington Monument in Washington, DC.

The Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum in the afternoon sun.

United States Naval Academy Chapel

9 01 2010

Last weekend, I explored Annapolis, MD on a cold windy day. I walked through the campus of the United States Naval Academy and visited the chapel. It is a beautiful building and it’s a very powerful experience to visit. There are times that pictures do a better job of speaking than we can so I’m going to let this post be one of those times.

U.S. Naval Academy Chapel

U.S. Naval Academy Chapel - Altar and Dome

U.S. Naval Academy Chapel Dome

U.S. Naval Academy Chapel

Photography Tips: Take Many to Get One

5 01 2010

One common misconception of “good” photographers is that every photograph they take is a good shot. In my experience, this is hardly the case. I just choose not to show you my bad shots. In the world of digital photography, bad shots are cheap. They cost nothing to delete.

One of my photographs that I enjoy is posted below. It was a particularly difficult shot to capture how I wanted as I was on one small boat trying to photograph another. The boat rocked up, down, left, and right. And I missed the shot up, down, left, and right. It took many attempts to get the boat framed how I envisioned and do it with a straight horizon. It was my decision to take about 10 shots of the same scene that allowed me to capture a good shot. If I had stopped at 1, 2, or even 3 attempts, I would have been left with less clutter on  my computer and nothing to show for it. Taking a few extra shots allowed me to get a photograph that is at least worth sharing.

I’m not suggesting that one decide to shoot recklessly in all situations. This will not challenge a photographer to improve. But when difficult circumstances present themselves, don’t be shy. Don’t be afraid to take a few bad shots to capture the good one.

A sailbot on the bay in Annapolis, MD

At Least Syracuse Beat Seton Hall

2 01 2010

Syracuse got smoked today by Pitt. That’s all I’m saying about that.

I had a chance to catch the Syracuse v. Seton Hall basketball game earlier this week. The undefeated (13–0) Orange outlasted a fierce effort from Seton Hall. I was able to capture this photo from the game, the one good shot that my slow long lens was able to capture.

The shot made a great desktop background. If there are any ‘Cuse fans out there, shoot me an email at if you want a copy.

The DC Snowstorm

1 01 2010

Two weeks ago, Washington DC got dumped on.  And this dumping had nothing to do with the politics of the left or the politics of the right. It was an equal opportunity event. Washington, DC and the surrounding coast received a December record snowfall leaving at least 18 inches of snow in most areas. The snow definitely slowed down travel.

After the roads cleared, but before the snowcover fully melted, I made it to one of my favorite locations to shoot in DC. I visited the Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum. Because of the hours of the arboretum, it’s difficult to capture the columns with any sunsets or sunrises, but I was able to visit during the late afternoon. I captured two new shots of the columns dressed in their winter snow.

For additional photos of the Capitol Columns, please visit my gallery.