Autumn in DC

27 10 2009

I was able to get out this weekend and take some pictures around the Washington, DC area. I ended up visiting Scott’s Run Nature Preserve in Fairfax County after spending some time at Great Falls National Park. My trip to the preserve resulted in one solid image.

Waterfall at Scott's Run

The waterfall at the nature preserve is less than a mile walk from the parking area off of Georgetown Pike. The first 2/3 of the walk is easy, but the end you go up and over a fairly steep hill that is covered in stone and not the easiest surface to walk on. I was lucky to come to the preserve on a nice sunday day and when the trees were in full autumn color.

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How abstract is too abstract?

22 10 2009

I was tooling around with my camera a while back and created a shot that I find interesting.


I’m developing an interest in abstract shots.  Sometimes it’s a known subject from an abstract angle.  Others it’s random items from a strange perspective. And sometimes it’s an unidentifiable item from a ridiculous perspective.

Can you tell what it is?

12 Significant Photos: #4 – Dawn at the Capitol

21 10 2009

The day after Christmas in Washington, DC was both cold and quiet. I took my wife to work early in the morning so that we could get on the road out of town after her shift. Her shift started before sunrise, so I was able to get to the Capitol before it was light.

There were not many people around. Just a men’s group out for a morning walk. I decided that I would take some shots of the Capitol from front (west front, sun behind) and center.

The reflecting pool in front was partially frozen, creating a unique reflection that ranged from mirrored to blurred. The sun rose behind the Capitol Building and lit up the sky and the reflection. The resulting shot is one of my favorites that might be out of place as #4 in my list.

The U.S. Capitol, located in Washington, DC, at sunrise in December 2008.

The U.S. Capitol, located in Washington, DC, at sunrise in December 2008.

Inspiring Photographer – Flemming Bo Jensen

20 10 2009

“Imitation is sincerest form of flattery.” A common quote that might not be the best description of my relationship to another photographer’s work, could fit in this case. But I’d be the 7 year old stumbling to do my best interpretation.

Opera House After the Storm - Fleming Bo Jensen

Opera House After the Storm - Flemming Bo Jensen

I first came across the photography of Flemming Bo Jensen (Denmark) about 3 or 4 years ago. He used the same photo hosting site as me. I was inspired both by his work and his ability to present it in a simple and clean manner. Over time we shared short email communication; usually me asking for some help in understanding how to display my own work. He was always willing to give his thoughts and I have to credit his support for the current web layout of my own photos.

Sunset from King's Garden - Fleming Bo Jensen

Sunset from King's Garden - Flemming Bo Jensen

Flemming Bo Jensen is a world traveler that captures landscape and architecture in a spectacular way. His ability to combine lighting, mood, and composition is second to none. He creates photographs worthy of the highest of accolades.  It is this ability to capture light that I try to replicate. Never to the same level of precision.

Deep Dawn Colors of Namibian Desert - Fleming Bo Jensen

Deep Dawn Colors of Namibian Desert - Flemming Bo Jensen

It is Flemming Bo Jensen’s approach to photography and approachability as one with a common interest that makes it easy to applaud his work. While this post doesn’t begin to do his work justice, I hope that it’s an introduction to some new eyes. All of Flemming Bo Jensen’s work can be seen by visiting his website.

Lesser Known Places – A.N.C.

19 10 2009

The Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery is one of the lesser known “landmarks” in the Washington, DC area. Its unique architecture and white stone make it an interesting photography subject.

Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA)

Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery (Arlington, VA)

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Wait for a Photography Tip

18 10 2009

Last weekend I was at the U.S. Capitol looking to get some decent shots as the sun began to set.  My goal was catch a shot of the Capitol (from the east front) with a lit up sky behind it. It was a cloudy day that was breaking; the kind of day that often produces something dramatic at sunset. I got to the Capitol and found my spots, but was disappointed to find that clouds had gathered blocking the sunset and what I thought would be potential color.

I left the east front somewhat disappointed with the shots I had taken. Nothing post worthy. I headed to the west front to figure out what to do with the rest of the evening. I was sitting along the reflecting pool by the Capitol facing the building. There was a fair number of tourits due to the comfortable weather and long (Columbus Day) weekend. When I turned around, I was greeted by what I was waiting for:

The light of the golden hour lit the sky. The sun had already set below the clouded horizon, but after a few minutes the sun spread its color over the western side of Washington, DC.

So to get to the photography tip, don’t give up on light. Wait for the light. It’s called the golden hour for a reason. Not because it’s always an hour, but because the time that the sky lights up varies from day to day.

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12 Significant Photos: #5 – Motif #1

17 10 2009

Rockport, MA is a small town on the Atlantic coast. The town is a popular tourist attraction and has a fishing theme. One of the icons in the town is a popular fishing shack (restored) that is called Motif #1. This shack has been the subject of many artists’ work. During my visit to Rockport, I was able to take a handful of shots of this area. The shot below is one of my favorites and in my opinion works very well in black and white.

Motif #1 is a famous fishing cabin in Rockport, MA.

Motif #1 is a popular fishing cabin in Rockport, MA.