It rained in Seattle…

16 03 2009

The timeout from my blog has ended. Two weeks ago (the first week of March), I had the opportunity to travel to Washington state to do some work with Habitat for Humanity in Olympia, WA. While the purpose of the trip was anything but photography, I did have the opportunity to see some of the local sights and make a small gallery.

The skyline of Seattle taken in the rain from a ferry.

The skyline of Seattle taken in the rain from a ferry.

The group I was with spent one day in Seattle. We visited the normal tourist sights such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. The locals said that it doesn’t rain all of the time in Seattle, but we were there for one day and it rained. So based on my one day sample, I’m going to say it sure does seem to rain a lot out there!

The Pacific Northwest, or at least the portion we were visiting, is a very scenic area. Everywhere you look there are mountains, tall pines, and natural waterways. We had an opportunity to visit Mount Rainier National Park and Northwest Trek (a wildlife park).

A tug boat travels through Puget Sound in front of the Olympic Mountains.

A tug boat travels through Puget Sound in front of the Olympic Mountains.

I hope that I have an opportunity to revisit this area someday, maybe with a greater emphasis of exploring the mountains and taking more photographs. You may view more photos from my trip to Washington in my Seattle Gallery.




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18 03 2009

If you get back that way I would encourage you to go to Victoria, BC and the Butchart Gardens. Victoria is a pretty sea port with English Parliament type buildings. Additionally, you can take a whale watching tour in the Georgia Straits or hope to catch a glimpse of the Orcas on the ferry to/from Seattle/Victoria. Additionally, any of the Cascade Volcanoes (Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainer, Baker, Hood, Jefferson) offer their own unique beauty and hiking. It’s a beautiful part of the country.

19 03 2009

Glad your trip to our part of the world was a good one. And no, it doesn’t rain here all the time, it just seems like it since it is overcast more often than not. But when the sun is out it rivals just about anywhere in the world.

If I may, it is tall fir trees, not pine. 🙂

19 03 2009

You may…all “evergreen” trees get lumped into pine in my head, which is obviously not accurate. And we actually had a few beautiful days while we were out there and I could see how those days make the clouds worthwhile.

30 04 2009

Oh yes, it rains all the time here! Every day, it never stops ; ) We say that to keep people away and it usually works. I like the shot of the tug, even living (and seeing it all the time) here, it is a nice shot. The rain isn’t all bad. It’s really green, everywhere, thanks to all that rain! You would probably enjoy Camp Casey and the WW2 gun emplacements if you make it back!

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