Photography Tip: Find Your Niche

15 02 2009

I was traveling on Friday and listening to the radio. The host was talking about the NBA and in particular a player that has the ability to play numerous positions, but none particularly well. He went on to compare this player to a handful of stars in the league that are limited to one position by their abilities. The moral of the rant was that the host would rather have a basketball player that did one thing well instead of 5 things in a mediocre fashion.

Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

This idea immediately stuck in my head as one that can easily relate to photography. In the world of photography, there are photographers that shoot weddings, portraits, landscapes, wildlife, macro, and the list can go on. While the principles of a good photograph can apply to various types of photography, it takes a lot of time and practice to improve the skills of any one type. There is a better chance of making your work stand out if you find your niche in the photography world. Find that area of interest or talent that you can develop into your strength. I would expect that you’ll have more success with a portfolio of strong wedding portraits than one that has average wildlife, portrait, and macro shots.

Here are some factors that may impact you in finding your niche:

  • personal interest – first and foremost, photography should be fun, so shoot things you like
  • equipment
  • accessibility – you might really like shooting abandoned properties, but access to these sights might be limited
  • time
  • money – if you’re trying to make a living, you might have to consider where the money is!

I have found my “niche” in landscape, nature, and architecture photography because I enjoy the process of finding and taking good photographs outdoors.  Sports photography is another great interest, but I am limited by my equipment as I have not yet invested in a lens that will give me a fighting chance in capturing strong sports images.




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16 02 2009

Thanks for stopping by Megagood.

I am thinking of exploring niche cupcake photography because of high personal interest, accessibility, frosting-proof equipment, time spent with baked goods, and the considerable wealth that will surely pour in. Maybe no wealth. Do cupcakes get married? Or I could just show up to weddings, since that is quite the business, and take photos of the cake only. Too niche?

16 02 2009

This is a great article – you are a very talented writer! I hear about this all the time from people, they are referred to as the “Jack/Jill of all a but master of none”

Good luck with your photo biz!!

16 02 2009

Great article Brad. Now to narrow down my ambitions a bit.

23 02 2009
The Observant Imagist

I totally agree, well said. Oh, and I second the thought of Megagood, except i would be as big as a house and never get any work done.. : )

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