12 Signficant Photographs

12 02 2009

“Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” ~Ansel Adams~

Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC

Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC

Ansel Adams’ quote about 12 significant photographs focused on the time frame of a year. For the purpose of blogging and sharing some of my favorite work, I’m going to begin a countdown of my 12 significant photographs. These 12 photographs will be a ranking of my favorites over my time in photography. I’ll start a countdown from #12 and see where it goes.

I have used this quote to shape how I display my favorite photographs. I select 12 photos from each year. You can feel free to visit that work here.




7 responses

12 02 2009

Sounds like you are making a calendar :-). Interesting photograph.

12 02 2009
Scott Thomas Photography

You’re an excellent photographer and I enjoyed going through your work today. I like this idea. I did a calendar of 12 of my best from each month on my blog. The way I approach it (doing a weekly photo), it sort of fits this quote well.

12 02 2009

That is an idea I considered, but haven’t gotten into yet. I don’t think the 12 photographs will have enough of a common thread to make it calendar worthy. But one never knows…

12 02 2009

what a great idea… certainly must make you reflect carefully on the work when you must choose just 12…probably not a bad practice for anyone in any line of work to reflect back and select their 12 most significant works from the year… anyway, love your work

12 02 2009

thankyou for the kind comment 🙂
i love how this photograph draws your eyes right into the center

16 02 2009

Love the textures in the photo, I agree with the article and the quote from Ansel Adams. I have a hard time editing my photos, but after time goes by I can choose very few that I truly like.

15 10 2010

Interesting interested and much interest.

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