Landscape Photography: Motif #1

26 01 2009
Motif #1, a fishing shack, in Rockport, MA

Motif #1, a fishing shack, in Rockport, MA

In October 2008, I took a trip to Boston with my wife. She was going to be busy at a conference, so I started to plan a little photo hunting time for myself.  The list included the “normal” things such as everything Boston and if I was in the mood for a drive, some of the Southrn Maine lighthouses.  I decided to dig a little deeper and see what else may exist in between those two points of interest. And I was happy I did.

Motif #1 is an inspiration to many artists. This old fishing shack (restored) has been painted, photographed, drawn, doodled, and sketched. I decided to take the 45 minute drive from Boston to check this little place out. The shack is located in Rockport Harbor, in the small fishing town of Rockport, MA. The town felt like it came out of a story book or a television show. The people were pleasant, the weather was beautiful, and every building had character.

A color photo of Motif #1 with a nice reflection.

A color photo of Motif #1 with a nice reflection.

I was far from the only person using the building as a subject for art on that morning. I would suspect this is the case on most days in Rockport. But the opportunity to explore this small town and particularly this subject allowed me to see what has inspired many others. It left me satisfied with my journey to Rockport with hopes of someday returning. I would recommend this town to anyone that likes towns on the water or small locales with character.

The harbor in Rockport, MA

The harbor in Rockport, MA

The photos I was able to capture of Motif #1 are not groundbreaking. I was in Rockport on a calm, clear, and sunny day. I’m sure many people have visited with some clouds in the sky, storms approaching, or after the cover of a newly fallen snow. While I didn’t get to enjoy these potential mood (from a photographic sense) changers, I am happy with a few strong compositions to show proof of my visit. And is the case with much of my work, the journey itself is just as enjoyable as the photograph.




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