A Blog Begins

25 01 2009

Ansel Adams said, “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” I will use that quote and other words from those more famous than myself as the basis for my blogging about photography. You are probably wondering who I am, so I should start there.

Me llamo Brad.  I am a photographer living in Bowie, MD. I have been interested in photography for about 6 years. My work focuses on trying to find unique perspectives on landscape, nature, cityscape, and architecture. Sometimes this comes with vivid color and others with the “simplicity” of black and white.

My blog will focus on a few areas of interest. First, posts will talk about my work. These posts may focus on a single image or a recent project; depends on the thought of the day. Other posts will focus on my thoughts about the work of other photographers. And finally, I will post some general thoughts about photography and my approach.

I would like to invite you to view my work. Please click on the image below to visit my website. I would be happy to hear from you via this blog or the website itself.

Brad Troy Photography

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to your continued interest.




7 responses

25 01 2009

good luck!

25 01 2009

Thanks for the comment and visit! I’ve bookmarked you so I’ll be coming back to see how you get things rolling. Take care.

26 01 2009

another local Yankee fan. In DC here!

27 01 2009

We’re everywhere, whether people like it or not.

28 01 2009
Flemming Bo Jensen

Welcome to the world of blogging – I will be following your work for sure.

28 01 2009

Thanks for your comment on my blog I just started a few months ago and try to post everyday. I added you to my blogroll, hope ya don’t mind.

2 02 2009


Thanks for the post on my blog. I will be adding your blog to my favorites for sure. I just went and visited your site and photographs and I must say you do some amazing work.

I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Have a great day and week.


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